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[ ] Friday, 12 June 2020 [ ]


Building bettercap was failing with:

/usr/lib/go-1.11/pkg/tool/linux_arm/link: running gcc failed: fork/exec /usr/bin/gcc: cannot allocate memory
to get round this use the pre built releases from bettercap releases. The sha256 file is for the unzipped bettercap file.


Lup Yuen Lee has some great PineTime resources.

See also InfiniTime


Create and switch to new branch:

git checkout -b main master

Push the main branch, and track:

git push -u origin main

Delete local master branch:

git branch -d master

Update the HEAD on the origin:

git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/main

Delete remote master branch:

git push --delete origin master

This will move the main branch to main.

For reference see: easily rename your Git default

git branch -m master main
git branch -u origin main


Choice of descriptions do matter. Renamed my git branches.

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