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[ ] Saturday, 6 June 2020 [ ]

Beagle Bone Black: RTC

So the plan is to get my DS1307 RTC working on OpenBSD on my BBB so that can become the ntp server for my network.



Setting up gpioctl:

bbb:fred ~> cat /etc/rc.securelevel  
gpioctl gpio1 21 set out USR0
gpioctl gpio1 22 set out USR1
gpioctl gpio1 23 set out USR2
gpioctl gpio1 24 set out USR3

# Attach i2c
gpioctl gpio0 attach gpioiic 19 0x3 1

which shows up in dmesg as:

pin 21: caps: in out pu pd, flags: -> out
pin 22: caps: in out pu pd, flags: -> out
pin 23: caps: in out pu pd, flags: -> out
pin 24: caps: in out pu pd, flags: -> out
gpioiic0 at gpio0: SDA[20] pull-up, SCL[19]
iic2 at gpioiic0

So the maxrtc should enable reading of the RTC, but the armv7 kernel has:

maxrtc*  at iic?
already enabled…

So to get this working I'll have to poke it in some other way…


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